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Art Show

The OryCon Art Show brings together a diverse community of artists and craftspeople whose work is united in the common experience, and expression, of the fantastic. Graphical representations of worlds which exist only in our imaginations rendered in an array of media side by side with soft-sculptured dragons and daleks. Perhaps your tastes run toward mixed media delights. We've featured works using such arcane techniques as en-caustic, and taxidermy as well as collage and appliqué. Whether it's purely decorative or more practical, the Art Show is the place for the unique and the interesting.


OryCon runs on the blood, sweat, and tears of volunteers. On top of the amazing feeling of helping out, we also offer free swag to the volunteers on the last day of con. The swag comes straight from the vendors’ tables and includes lots of wonderful items that are donated just to reward the volunteers. Those who volunteer the most hours pick an item first, and then so on down the line. So the more hours you volunteer, the higher chance of picking your swag first!