Gaming returns to OryCon 37, sponsored by our sister convention GameStorm ( Come on upstairs and try your hand at one of the many games in the game library, or try out one of the new ones you just grabbed in the dealers hall.

Orycon schedules games! We will be building a schedule of gaming events that you can sign up to play. If you want to run a game, email and you will receive an email announcement as soon as submissions are available. We are also looking for volunteers to help run the game library.

Gaming has several exciting new features this year:

  • Dungeons and Dragons Organized Roleplaying - both Adventurers League (v5) and Pathfinder Society (v3.75) will be running introductory scenarios all weekend long, as well as some for more experienced players. Find them at the round tables in the back of the room.
  • Artemis - A spaceship bridge simulator, you can be captain, navigator, weapons, engineering, communications, or science officer, working together with your team to Boldly Go and explore the galaxy. Monitors and stations provided by our friends at Kumoricon!
  • Game Library - Not a new feature, but certainly exciting, our game library (provided by GameStorm!) has hundreds of games you can check out and play. Or look for an orange cone on a table for games looking for new players right now! 
    To see the amazing selection of games in the game library, see
  • Scheduled board games - We will have a schedule of board games, each taught by an experience player; come to the game library to see what is in store.