Fan Tables

Every year, we have many FANtastic fan tables. Don't miss out!

To sign up, send an email to Sign ups will close when there are 20 tables spoken for. A membership is not required to sit at a fan table, but it is encouraged. If you still need to register, check out the Registration page.

Keep in mind these tables are for fans representing fannish things - like info booths on a given genre - not dealers selling unrelated fannish things. If you are interested in a table in the dealer's room, where you can sell items, head over to the Dealer Information page.

Currently expected fan tables include:

  • PDX Browncoats
  • Kumoricon
  • Science Fiction Museum
  • GI JOE Costume Club
  • Westercon 69
  • Alien Legacy
  • The Iron Hear of Mandalore Costume Club
  • Wanderers in the 4th Dimension
  • USS Wolf-359
  • 2018 Worldcon San Jose
  • Oregon Writers Colony
  • PGC
  • The Royal Manticoran Navy
  • Denver Westercon 2018 Bid
  • 2019 Worldcon Dublin
  • Oregon L5 Society
  • Radcon
  • PDX Time Travelers Costume Guild