Activities and Events

Art Show

The OryCon Art Show brings together a diverse community of artists and craftspeople whose work is united in the common experience, and expression, of the fantastic. Graphical representations of worlds which exist only in our imaginations rendered in an array of media side by side with soft-sculptured dragons and daleks. Perhaps your tastes run toward mixed media delights. We've featured works using such arcane techniques as en-caustic, and taxidermy as well as collage and appliqué. Whether it's purely decorative or more practical, the Art Show is the place for the unique and the interesting.

Children's Programming and OryKids

Over the last several years, we've been expanding children's programming to make OryCon a more family-friendly event. Our children's programs explore many fan interests: gaming, crafts, costuming, music, science, and stories/writing; and are scheduled in one centrally located room. The age range for these activities varies from 3-12, and will be listed in the program descriptions.

Costume Contest

The costume contest will be judged with 3 categories. Everyone in competing will be required to cross the stage for the audience/cameras. 


With a focus on costume construction, detail, & presentation. Contestants will be scheduled to pre-meet with the judges upon registration. This gives each one a time to describe the efforts they put into their outfit and gives the judges more opportunity to look at the details of the construction.  Tinkerers- bring your lights! Tailors- bring your seams! Show us those hours! 

Creation Station

Creation Station is a unique programming track at OryCon, full of exciting workshops and events, G-18+, a warm welcome wagon for anyone, of any age and any skill level, who is new to something – OryCon, science

Dealer's Room

We have had many fantastic vendors from year to year.  This year is shaping up to have another great mix as well.  Click through to find out who we expect to see at OryCon this year!

Fan Tables

Every year, we have many FANtastic fan tables. Don't miss out!

To sign up, send an email to Sign ups will close when there are 20 tables spoken for. A membership is not required to sit at a fan table, but it is encouraged. If you still need to register, check out the Registration page.


Gaming returns to OryCon 37, sponsored by our sister convention GameStorm ( Come on upstairs and try your hand at one of the many games in the game library, or try out one of the new ones you just grabbed in the dealers hall.


Hospitality at Orycon is dedicated to providing you with delicious food and drink from 7am til midnight during the Con. Click through to see the menu.

Musical Programming

Expect the usual set of concerts, workshops, and panels at OryCon music this year.  And, of course, we'll be singing until the wee hours in late evening circles.  Bring your voices, your instruments, and your creativity.

Watch this space for more information as we get closer to the convention.

Open Read & Critique

Want fast feedback on your writing? Try an Open Read & Critique (ORC) session! Read the opening portion of your short story or novel aloud and receive instant, Clarion-style critiques. Our theme is "How to Hook a Reader." You must sign up ahead of time to participate.

Writer's Workshop

We are accepting submissions through August 1, 2015.

Submit your best work to the workshop just as you would submit your best work to an editor. Often a piece has problems that the author doesn’t know how to fix, and this is a good venue to explore solutions to those problems. On the other hand this is not a good venue in which to present problems that you already know are there, know how to fix and haven’t gotten around to eliminating. Critique time is precious and goes by very quickly. It’s best spent on problems that are unknown or difficult for you to solve rather than the problems you already know how to take care of.