Dealer's Room

We have had many fantastic vendors from year to year.  This year is shaping up to have another great mix as well.

Please contact the Dealers' Liaison for more information.

These are the vendors we currently expect to see at OryCon 37.  There will be a map posted soon!


Business Location
Fuzzy Hedgehog Press aa1
Antik Comics aa2
Apocalypse Ink Productions aa3
Author Denise Kawaii aa4
Regilius Publishing, LLC aa5
Scarlet Oasis t1
My Gems to Your Treasures t2
RHPotter t3
Fantasy Creations t4
Aetherworks LLC t5
Pamela Offret Designs t6
Tonya Macalino t7
Norseman Ventures t8
Sir Reginald's x1
Friends of Filk x10
Cordochorea Creations x11
CargoCult Books x12-13
The Book Roadie x14
The Green Wolf x15
Games Plus x16-17
Firefox Leather & Fashion / Fangs by Victor x18-19
Miss Haley Bombshell Boutique x2
NIWA x20
Chronos Gifts x22
Silverthorne Crafts x23
Myths And Draconia x24
Dragonstorm Sports x25
Emberworks x26
Shyfox Treasures x27
Sigh Co. Graphics & Arkham Bazaar x28-29
Occams Edge x3
A Little of This x30
Sinister Metalworks x31
Angelwear Creations x32
Dragonmaker x33
Steampunk Maniacs x34
Forget Me Knots Massage x4
Attention Span Games x5
Book Universe Inc. x6-7
Guardian Games x8-9