Creation Station

Creation Station is a unique programming track at OryCon, full of exciting workshops and events, G-18+, a warm welcome wagon for anyone, of any age and any skill level, who is new to something – OryCon, science fiction cons, being a panelist, experimenting with a type of fan creation, or a type of fan performance encouraged in one of our panels. Our panels are all about audience participation. They are usually either DIY, teaching attendees how to engage a type of writing, editing, art, craft, costuming, cosplay, etc.; or they are hands-on crafts, usually with attendees leaving with something they can take home, including our crafts for the youngest kids; or they include fandom celebrations and other open mics for audience participation. OryCon has been our home base for 7 years, yet we began at an '04 anime con at this Marriott, with Fanfiction Bedtime Stories, a super fun, PG-13 open mic for reading -- or cosplaying -- your own or others' fanfics, which we will feature Sat., 7:30p-8:30p, Pearl room! We've always actively included teens & young adults as among our core panelists & content designers, as well as among our core attendees. As always, we have lots of new events this year, many specifically of interest to kids, tweens, and teens.We bring you unprecedented, immersive special events to rock your world!

The Quest for the Ultimate Artifact -- a truly epic, unparalleled, 3-part Quest adventure, in 3 parts, a hands-on, collaborative combination of tech lesson and detective work! Evoke your inner Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider for this one. (Fri, 7p-8p; Sat., 1pm-2pm & 4pm-5pm; all in Pearl room.)                 

  • Part I: "Game Overview & Hardware Building":Learn how The Quest will proceed; build simple radio transmission devices.                                                                                                          
  • Part II: "Programming & Team-Building":Program the radio transmission detectors & form teams.  
  • Part III: "The Hunt & Reveal":Search for radio transmitters, hidden throughout the con space at the hotel. You can think of them as Horcruxes and the quest as "soul-searching". All the pieces will add up to a grand whole, which will be revealed at the end of Part III. All ages welcome; but young kids should have adults with them, as some soldering may be involved.

Travel Through Time: The Trivia Game Show!  Do you know your Time Lords from your Time Agents? Your Deloreans from your WABAC ("Wayback") machines? Your paradoxes and your pairs of "Docs"? See if you've got what it takes to amble through the ages on "Excellent Adventures". The team who brought you "Would You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?" and "Would you Survive an Alien Invasion?" are ready to test your mettle as you put your mental warp-drive pedal to the metal. Win prizes! Sa., 8:30p-11p, Pearl.

Creation Station is a safe space. We are dedicated to being a fully inclusive environment, and we tend to have specifically feminist, specifically multi-cultural/anti-racist, all-gender and all-orientation-inclusive content, as well as to request that our room be arranged accessibly. Our political and/or charity-oriented discussions this year include: The End is Now: Images of the World After in Popular Media; Geeks Against Misogyny & Entitlement; Supernatural Fandom, Random Acts, & GISHWHES; Local Food Sustainability & Community-Building; Black Cinderella & the New Jim Crow: Media Representation in Post-Racial America; Kick-Ass Femmes: Portrayals of Female Fighters in Geek Culture; Ethics, Security, & Privacy of Medical Informatics Tech & Research; & Medical Ethics of the Future.

Our other exhilarating, innovative new content includes (in order): Make a Golden Snitch Ornament! Make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ornament! For the Love of Cosplay!! Adding Authenticity to Historical Fiction & Fantasy. Fandom Gaming! Welcome to NightVale Fandom Broadcast. Ears for Wigs! AG Construx Designs Presents: Armor, et al.: Creating durable, wearable armor in minutes; 2nd Skin: Finding the Perfect Face for Your Cosplay; Marvel Meetup! Fanfic for Beginners: I Want to Write or Beta! Taking Your Fanfic to the Next Step. Here Come the Clones: An Orphan Black Fandom Celebration.

As always, we will also feature your ongoing favorites, including: Yarning for the Doctor I & II: Intro to Fandom Knitting & Crocheting; Colors Of The Apocalypse (Body Painting); Barrowman Boot(y) Camp; and, of course, Make Your Own Sonic Screwdriver!, TARDIS Hats: Make a Mini-Hat that Lights Up, and Doctor Who Fandom Celebration: Tiptoe Through the TARDIS. FIND US! :) About 90% in PEARL room; our Whovian Fri night, Fandom Gaming, NightVale--Columbia, and a few panels in Meadowlark, Sunstone, Willamette. Be sure to Quest for us!  Ellen Klowden, 

Learn how to make a fandom quilt in this hands-on, intro-level course!

Learn how to write your name in Gallifreyan! This is our panel's name: Codifying Geek!