Costume Contest

The costume contest will be judged with 3 categories. Everyone in competing will be required to cross the stage for the audience/cameras. 


With a focus on costume construction, detail, & presentation. Contestants will be scheduled to pre-meet with the judges upon registration. This gives each one a time to describe the efforts they put into their outfit and gives the judges more opportunity to look at the details of the construction.  Tinkerers- bring your lights! Tailors- bring your seams! Show us those hours! 


With a focus on overall look and style, this is the stage show. Be your character! Be fun! Extra points for impressing the crowd. Those choosing this category don’t pre-meet with the judges. 


For the young and inspired! Anyone under 18 can compete in this category, however if they are 16, 17 or 18, they can choose to compete in the other categories. Those competing in this category don’t pre-meet with the judges.

Costume Contest Rules (.docx)
Costume Contest Form (.docx)