Children's Programming and OryKids

Over the last several years, we've been expanding children's programming to make OryCon a more family-friendly event. Our children's programs explore many fan interests: gaming, crafts, costuming, music, science, and stories/writing; and are scheduled in one centrally located room. The age range for these activities varies from 3-12, and will be listed in the program descriptions.

What's new this year:
  • More Gaming fun with the folks from the Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery in Beaverton, including: Design and then Play your own game!  and Extreme Games - the biggest, smallest, silliest and strangest games we can find!
  • We'll have the OryKids Dance Party again on Friday night, but with the theme Colorful Critters, to encourage more cosplay fun!
  • Along with the popular pleather costuming workshop, we'll also have a session to learn how to use newspaper, bags and cardboard to make armor, tunics and other costume pieces!
  • We'll have two play sessions for younger kids (about 3-6) on Saturday and Sunday mornings again with fort building and then we'll try mazes! Amazing!
  • An even better Metal Upcycling workshop with more supplies and tools to make Robots! Spaceships! Gadgets! Whatever!
  • Try writing stories with a group, using cards, dice and more. Crazy characters in strange places with very silly plots and unbelievable endings - Join the fun!
Please note that our programs are not childcare and that OryCon rules and common sense should guide you in whether or not to accompany your child.