Art Show

As we are at a new hotel this year and do not have all the details yet, the information below may be subject to change.

The OryCon Art Show brings together a diverse community of artists and craftspeople whose work is united in the common experience, and expression, of the fantastic. Graphical representations of worlds which exist only in our imaginations rendered in an array of media side by side with soft-sculptured dragons and daleks. Perhaps your tastes run toward mixed media delights. We've featured works using such arcane techniques as en-caustic, and taxidermy as well as collage and appliqué. Whether it's purely decorative or more practical, the Art Show is the place for the unique and the interesting.

Aside from the amazing art, we have a range of activities which occur in the space during the convention. Check the program guide to find scheduled Sketch Book Critiques, Docent Tours, Kinetic Sculpture Races, and even Body Painting Demos.

If you'd like to participate in the Art Show, the rules and forms are available to download at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions please address them to

Artist Check in times are as follows:

Thursday 8-11pm (limited)
Friday 9am - 1pm

Open to membership:

Friday 2 - 6 pm
Saturday 10am - 7pm
Sunday 9am - 11am

Final Bids must be made by Sunday 11am

Auction in Mt Hood Sunday 12pm-1pm

Check out and Pick up begins at 1pm



Art Show Registration – PDF

Art Show Mail In Procedures - PDF

Artist Release and Waiver – PDF

Art Show Information and Rules – PDF

Art Show Control Form – PDF

Art Show Bid Sheet – PDF

Print Shop Control Form – PDF

Print Shop Bid Sheet – DOC

Participating Artists

Name Email Website
Rob Carlos
Jeff Sturgeon
Jim Humble
Lisa Snellings
Marian Harris
Maia Sanders
Chaz Kemp
Mark Ferrari
Eva Elasigue
Theresa Halbert
Julie Wilmore
Brittany Osborn
Patricia McCracken
Andy VanOverberghe
Charlene Taylor D'Alessio
Lee Moyer
The Gorgonist
Zane Bryan
Sarah Clemens
M. Scott Hammond
Betsy Mott
Vandy Hall
Mark Roland
Deborah Cross
Melissa Alford
Shanna Anderson
Elizabeth Adams/Nightshaderose
Jessica TC Lee
Jill Bauman
Tammy Tripp
Sonja Bolon
Theresa Mather
Daniel Cortopassi
Mark Chapman
Heather Hudson
Rebecca Flaum
John R Gray III
L. Pierce Ludke
Lizzy Hill
Peri Charlifu
Braden Duncan
Jennifer Cox
Herb Leonhard
Judith Conly